Kicking off February

Council camping was a blast.. got to start the Natchez Trace from the Southern Terminus. Would like to take several days and do all 444 miles of it, camping & hiking along the way. One thing this year taught us: if we continue insisting on camping IN February, we need a winter (or all-weather) tent. The summer tent is GREAT for ventilation but when temps are hovering in the 30s I don't really WANT ventilation. Laureli had the brilliant idea of covering our screens with those emergency mylar blanket thingies. Worked amazingly well. Also put the same sort off insulation (except thicker) between the mattress and our sleeping bags. With the heater on (the electric one, Dad, not the kerosene this time) we were surprisingly toasty in the tent. Then just had to bundle up really well for the hiking explorations.

Returned home and had yesterday & today off so all the laundry is done and the preparations for the event happening some time this month have begun. Stay tuned for more news on that topic.... hoping to be more forthcoming ASAP as I am beginning to become impatient. sigh.

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