What a difference a few days makes!

So.. if you have been following at all, you will recall I was feeling a bit under the weather Thursday and by the time Friday morning rolled around I was sick sick sick. Sigh. I tried to find someone to cover my Saturday shift but was unsuccessful. So Friday was spent visiting my primary care provider & then returning to bed and trying to feel human and hoping not to puke up my insides every hour. So, :am I awoke and crawled off to work. One of my coworkers volunteered to close for me AND my RN gave me a shot of Zofran. The day got better from there. And I actually made it home at a reasonable hour to get back into bed. Today dawned much better!! I awoke a few minutes before choir practice was to start, made it late but hey... sang like a bullfrog but again, hey. Then off to a fantastic lunch at a hole in the wall called The Ole Biloxi Fillin' Station for an OMG burger. Then got to listen to the Gulf Coast Civic Chorale at the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary... pretty church & terrific music. Then home to rest, pack meals for tomorrow's work day. That is a terrific end to some really crummy days.. I am blessed!
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