Made it through....

OK, I have come out the other side of the whole Christmas holiday intact... and even pleasantly recharged from all the hulabaloo that seems to be the norm this time of year. A lovely Solstice was followed by working the following Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday AND Saturday but I have 15 hours of overtime this week, 10 hours of overtime last week... should be enough extra to get my check engine light on the Escape checked out & maybe even fixed. We did get a work bonus for the holiday but after 32% was taken out in taxes (OMG! & WTF?) there was not anything really left to play with.

Speaking of work, last night was the daVita holiday party... not bad. Food was good,in spite of the lack of veggies. Music (DJ) was good. Was nice to see some folks outside of work.

Today I have discovered and caught up somewhat on the TV show "Almost Human" but have had to stop watching it in order to work on some art projects, one that will be due soon. Also need to go get my holiday cards from Good Karma Cafe & put in some new ones not relating to the holiday season... that will be Thursday's task....

For now, ATCs to make... 25 of them, actually., Off I go.
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