terrific day of paper crafts

Well, Laureli helped me get tables set up for today's art gathering and then scampered off to work. I got started then cooking my breakfasts and lunches to take to work for the 4 days I work this week. All set for work so I made roasted red pepper & garlic hummus for something to munch on while we played with our art projects. I got 6 cards made, demonstrated some techniques and watched one gal do wood burning, which was terrific! Another gal made some really cool birthday cards. And of course Mr Buoy was in the middle of things, right up until he discovered the door was ajar and the sun was shining... outside he went. He'd been out once already (with all the rest) but found the wet grass not at ALL to his liking, poor beast.

Also uploaded my ATC for this months lottery (is WTA-winner take all) posted so I could be entered before the 10/31 deadline. Got ATCs for 2 current swaps (Fantastic Fish & Snow) completed and ready to be mailed.

AND, got a massage...there was a student needing to make up hours and I was the lucky person for just that task. Now I am sitting here on free wifi and watching the OHIO STATE marching band video.. wow. Go look it up if you have not seen it... bold above is link. Really what I am doing is awaiting the arrival of my tutor for some computer geek stuff that seems to just be beyond me somehow. Sigh.

Have a blessed rest of your week!
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