Like I do not have enough to do...

So, I am off today and what have I done? I have spent the last 4 hours at local library designing the November issue of newsletter for my gem & mineral society. I have forgotten, all these many years later (since I was last a newsletter chair for any group or club) how long it actually takes to produce something that I am alright with sending to others. It takes forever. But I didn't think about that when I stepped up to fill the suddenly vacant position for the Harrison County Gem & Mineral Society. . My plan for today had been to make some greeting cards, a couple of fish ATCs for my online art group, maybe some other things papery...but no... here I STILL sit. With that said I am packing up the laptop & heading to my bohemian house. Bohemian is what my co-worker called me upon hearing I don't watch TV or have home cable/internet and I choose not to avail myself of my CACH system at home. Sigh. I am starving..time to go home and gather some lunch!
Before I head out, though, I will leave this card for the several people that I know of celebrating birthdays this week.
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