"Polished Stone" background for ATCs

Kathy posted my ATC she got from our ATC_Fun swap last month where we had to send backgrounds only with instructions. I forgot to send her the instructions so posted on her blog. Thought I would post here as well...

You need high gloss card stock & alcohol inks with some blending solution & a blending tool. Put some blending solution on the tool then add a few drops of each color you want to use to the felt pad that ison end of blending tool. I apply single drops of
color a little randomly on various areas of the felt. I usually do 3 complementary colors. Then lightly dab your surface repeatedly until you achieve the coverage and pattern desired, covering as much of the white space as you wish (i cover it all). While you are applying, sorta smooshing and twisting the tool to give you that blurred look. If you apply it by patting the surface only a couple times you will get a blended, less marble looking / blotchy effect as you do if you keep patting your surface repeatedly. You can make it very interesting by blowing on it as you work in quick taps for the smallest marble pattern effects.And, bc I like shinmer, I added a splattering of "pearl" (in same fashion) to the top once it was dry.

Thanks so much Kathy for posting my ATC and y'all for reading the tutorial.
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