This morning's song.

I am now back from vacation (last week) followed by prep class that was held in New Orleans all of this week. I went up Sunday afternnon and spent some time in Audobon Park, got a Hansen's Sno Ball, ate at Camellia's Grill and took pictures with Marvin & his painting. Had a great time, met some new people. Went to the Quarter, of course.. walked my ass off instead of driving...ate good food... the norm for NOLA. Got done last night but had to go to work from 5-7:30pm, not too bad. Felt weird after being gone 10 days, how funny is that? First stop was not the house.. was the beach. Sat on the shore & ate my dinner, then went home to unpack & sleep.

Today is the 35th (36th?) annual Gem & Mineral show in Harrison County... I am SO THERE! opens at 9am, I am sucking down coffee as I type. have a full week coming up but only 4 or my 7 days are filled with work, so I am pretty excited about that!! Work has hired one new tech so there is hope on the horizon that we will soon be almost fully staffed soon.

Right now it is time to sip rest of coffee while I journal about today's away from doing that and am feeling like I need some meditation time to get a bit better in touch with self... music is where I ground and since I wake every morning with a song playing in my head, it seems like a great jumping off point for the "pen to paper" exercise.

Have a terrific day, y'all!
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