Help is on its way

So, woke @ 3:07am on my day off.... went back to sleep. Awoke again @ 7:34am to find the Little River Band playing in my head. Since work is trying to run me into the ground I would LIKE to think this is prophetic and our ROD will finally see that having the unit be short staffed is a BAD THING and will let the FA hire at least one person to replace the 2 we lost in May.

There are 2 main perks to working where I do. One is the fact that we are only SUPPOSED to be working 3 days per week, every other day (MWF or TTS). You work like a dog those three days but you get 4 days off which is plenty of time to do laundry, hold art classes, have lunch with friends, sit and read on the beach, etc. Working 5 or 6 like some of are is frekin' ridiculous! arghhhhh

The other is PTO (Paid time off) which is accrued as a percentage of hours worked. I am accruing roughly a day of PTO every week. Right now the pisser is that you can only accrue up to 120 hours. Then it stops. Unless you use it, then will turn back on until 120 hours is reached again. I am really close to the 120 hour cap but-since we are short staffed- I can't take time off. This sucks royally. Not sure what course of action is to be next...
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