too damn short staffed at work

the title is also my reason for not posting in a month.. .geez!! I am working in a field where the average worrk week is SUPPOSED to be 3 days... try FIVE. and when those days are anywhere from 11-15 hours, you dont really wnat to work them all in a row... not even back to back. Yet, that is what we are currently having to do. We are short 2 technicians... one transferred to a unit closer to home, the other moved out of state when spouse was transferred due to job. ARGH.

so, rather than complain, I will share with you a response to one of my art groups where the question was posed "HOw do you store your paper?" And, if you know me (why else are you reading this?) then you know that I have a somewhat serious paper addiction. No, I do not want help with it or a 12 step program. I am well aware of my addiction to paper and I embrace it! LOL
Here you go::

I am a tad OCD in my paper habit... argh.

I store 12x12s in the IRIS scrapper containers on wheels...there are 6 closing containers to a unit and I have WAY TOO MANY of them. I store WHOLE sheets only in those, sorted by color and each color has 2 containers bc I store solids seperate from prints.

for the leftovers (after cutting a 12x12) I use those 3 drawer Sterilite containers, again by color (but no longer seperate. solids from patterns).

if small or thin leftovers (ie: cant make greeting cards from them) I put into drawer for "IRIS MAKING" when I do iris cards.

paper pads are in the scrapper keepers as well labelled with name/designer.

other "specialty" papers are in another scrapper keeper unit and sorted by type...handmade paper, rice paper, japanese papers, origami, textured, metallics, woodgrain, vellum, etc. I also have drawers for "Autumn Seasonal" and Christmas related as well as drawers for my ephemera & oddball stuff such as maps, pages from books, game pieces, feathers, leaves, stickers, yada yada yada.

8x8 & smaller paper pads are stored on my shelf unit in open top bins by size,as are my envelopes. Inks are on same unit bc it sits next to my workspace within reach :-) and books are upright on top of same unit

Am I insane?? LOL

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