peacocks and bees

I joined an online ATC group Monday. Am already a member of an altered art (not just ATCs) and still doing the face-to-face one here but, as I mentioned before, it is slow starting. I mailed out my ATCs for the peacock interpretation swap just now and I uploaded my entry into this month's Lottery. I also joined 2 swaps in my Altered Art online group... "Free Expression" & "Wings on Things". Those are not due until June so I have a month to work on them while I work, beach, walk, shop, wash dishes & laundry, and all those other fun-filled daily life activities.

I am a World Book Giver again this year & today is the day to go pick up my book!! I was assigned "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho. I am so excited..I LOVE this book!

Sadly, today is off to a late start... pressure shift in the weather saw me awaken with majog headache pressure which, of course, left me tossing my cookies. Back to bed I went @ 8:30 and did not appear out from under the pillow until 10:10am. Sigh. So I have now eaten (and kept it down) as well as had a cup of java. Need to go to Barnes & Noble to pick up my box of books and I need to get my feet in the sand for a bit, maybe I will finish reading this month's choice for the book club I am a member of.

Art Day this month will be next Tuesday, 10-4pm... 6 hours seems like a lot but had a friend over for just 2 hours and we had barely really gotten started, so ... we shall see.

:-) blessings of sand & sunshine to you all!
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