Catching up some

What have I been up to in the last 10 days, since posting about the loss of my mother and my trip back home? Catching up, mostly. Regrouping, some. Work called me in the day after I got back to MS and needed me to cover for someone who called out with tooth issue. So I have worked 7 of those 10 days. Only reason not more than that is because I have taken PTO for yesterday, today & tmomorrow. Will go back to work Thursday & work Friday & Saturday as well. Needed to do some around the house chores that have been aging less than gracefully on my list:

Laureli's taxes-DONE

Take cards to cafe & replenish/refresh stock-DONE

Good Karma's books-DONE

commit to starting diet by rousting bad crap out of my house-DONE

replace broken automoatic cat litter box with manual huge box for all 4 cats-DONE

Fix tent poles & set tent up to see if they work-NOT DONE

Build cat tree-NOT DONE

drink a bottle of Mom's wine on the beach and remember all the fun we had-NOT DONE

spend a good chuck (say, 3-4 hours) of time in my art room, making things-NOT DONE

Spent most of today (actually all of it, so far) on Laureli's taxes & the books for Good Karma (they have been neglected due to my work schedule & mom's death). Hoping to get to tent poles tonight and the cat tree and art time tomorrow. As for Mom's wine on the beach...? I just don't think I am there yet. Even now, as I type this, tears are coming to my eyes. Don't think I can sit and be joyous in my memories of her until I work through some of my grief. She would hate it if I turned all maudlin on her while toasting her with her Clean Slate Riesling...ruin a perfectly good bottle, she'd say. So it can wait.. I live on the beach, and neither it nor I are going anywhere any time soon. Mom will understand. Besides, she preferred to be on the beach in the heat of summer, anyways.. hated the cold days.
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