way too early....

Between Callie and Cappi, I was apparently not meant to sleep in today...sigh. On the plus side, I am up early enough to get my car to the shop for its oil change and catch a ride back to the house so I can create some cards. Made a few last week, sent one to David as a Thank You for the crispy catfish dinner last Sunday. Now working on my second cup of coffee while the space heater does its thing in here. Hands need to be able to feel the paper I am gluing, you see...and it is a bit chilly in South Mississippi this morning. It is so chilly that the kitties are not exactly outside... they are in the garage. Close enough to outside without the discomfort of cold, LOL. And, since their kitty tree thing (6ft tall wood & carpet structure) needs to be recovered, that is where it is currently parked. So they are happy to be out there with it. I am sure they are already "discussing" who gets the very top spot, sigh.. Off today, tomorrow AND Sunday! 3 days in a row. Since I was scheduled for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, this is my reward. Then, starting Monday, I will begin working the rotating schedule of MWF one week and TTS the next. MWF - Mon, Weds, Fri; TTS = Tues, Thurs, Sat. So one weekend I will have 1 day off, the next I will have 3. All in all, I like it. working 3 days per week gives me some time to do things like meet friends for coffee, go to the bank, get groceries, run errands.. and MAKE CARDS!
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