Wow, almost 2 months since my last post... can you tell when I started full time at DaVita? Argh.. will have to be more mindful of it now that I am only doing DaVita and "cards by chaotic". Yes, you read that correctly...I QUIT ROUSE'S. And I am so relived. It had gotten to the point of hating to go to work. UGH. Great December so far... started Saturday working then decorating the house for Yule. Had church on Sunday followed by lunch with Ahrend and 3 hours browsing Michael's whilst awaiting the start of the "5 hour only" sale. And I got 20% off EVERYTHING, even my already on sale 40% off items. I rocked that place. Monday was off at Davita so spent day at home making cards to send out for the holiday season. Have cut my list from 40+ to only 19. I am happy about that, really. Can tell a lot about relationships when you move 600 miles away from what had been home for 2 decades. December 7: Mercury conjuncts the north node-What this means for ME! The communication planet's contact to the Scorpio north node brings ideas and information that can change the way you think -- and even affect your decisions for the future. Listen to what people have to tell you, pay attention to interesting articles you read and take note of your dreams. There's a message in there for you, but you have to keep your ears and eyes open to benefit from what the universe is whispering in your ear. Take advantage of this opportunity to bring good things into your life and, with it, a greater sense of purpose. Perhaps most importantly, trust your intuition, pay attention to your feelings and listen to your gut instincts! Coming as it does on the culmination of all my time so far in MS... I love the job. Tired, beat at the end of the day, but I LOVE IT. I am BUSY BUSY BUSY and the day goes by fast.. my patients love me,,, even the curmudgeony ones (is that a word?).
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