Good vs Evil

I am reading a book that one of my TTS patients shared with me and I found a conversation in there about GOOD versus EVIL that I wanted to put out as "food for thought" as we move into 2013 and into a shifting consciousness. I wont repeat the whole thing but just the jumping off point of the conversation: Remember that EVIL is simply a WORD.. it is not a REAL thing. The word is not describing an actual item but rather a lack or absence of something else: Good. So. just as darkness is the absence of light or death is the absence of life, evil is only be understood in relation to good, just as darkness or death are understood only in relation to light or life. They do not have an actual existence. I wonder, what would happen if we chose to focus on the actual event rather than the absence of the event? If we chose to live in the light, the life, the good, the love of something bigger than ourselves, what would happen? If removing ourselves from light/life/good gives us darkenss/death/evil, what does consciously placing ourselves in the light/live/good give us? And what other things are we giving creation to that really only come from an absence of something else? Happy Friday to all.... and remember that today is Free Book Day on Nook!
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