A day off! The only work-related item is a nap so I have enough sleep before I have to be at work at OMG AM tomorrow morning. I need some crimp beads since it seems I am either out or I cannot locate any in my stash. Since most of you know I am fairly well organized, I am better it is the first choice rather than the latter. Thought I would make some more seasonal cards to send out personally. Am going to run to post office later today for my roomie so may as well get my cards ready to send out.
All 4 cats are out (3 are free-ranging, 1 which makes me a nervous wreck, sigh) and so is the dog, Slightly damp from last nights rain but they do not seem too put out by the weather so out they are. A couple have come in for breakfast but returned to the wild ASAP. I, however, have not yet had my breakfast. I am imbibing coffee so it is the next best thing to actual food. Also on my "to do" list today is to write both of my pen pals and catch them up on November's happenings. May actually type those today instead of handwriting since typing is quicker and more legible when I am in a hurry. And since it is already 9:30am and I nap at 1pm, I am already running out of time. :-( So... away I go. Have a blessed day!
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