How I spent last Sunday

Went hiking along the Tuxachanie National Recreation Trail last Sunday with some friends. Beautiful day for it, and I only took 142 pictures! According to the website, The Tuxachanie Trail, near Mississippi's Gulf Coast, is a National Recreation Trail offering a 22-mile hike through southern Mississippi's Desoto National Forest. The first 5 miles follow an old abandoned railroad that once served the sawmill of the Dantzler Lumber Company at Howison. Hikers will encounter a variety of forest vegetation; savannahs and swamps lie between the ridges. Here, pitcher plants and palmettos grow in abundance, as well as the occasional wild orchid. Timbered ridges of longleaf and slash pine add to the scenery. We only went in 2 miles and then came back out along the way we came in. Hence, "only" 142 pictures. those of you that know me well will actually understand that inside joke. Monday found me at Rouse's, as did Wednesday. On Tuesday & today I went to Gaston Point Elementary School where I have been participating in the BOOST program, mentoring 1st graders in reading skills. Great satisfaction, seeing a child comprehend reading! Have been rereading the "Earth's Children" series in preparation for some philosophical discussion with friends later in the month. Other than that, not a whole lot going on this week as I prepare for orientation next week for DaVita, which will be in New Orleans. And I have a start date for Davita's Slidell Kidney Care of October 22, 2012. FINALLY!!! It has been a lengthy process, but worth it. Here is a pic from Sunday's hike. We are going to go again but do the primitive camping so we an do the whole 22 mile trek over a weekend.
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