OMG (or, equally "Looks like I made it!")

So, not too long after I last posted (late July) I finally got word that I would be starting my externship.. the last step in my quest for employment as a Dialysis Patient Care Technician. Started on clinic floor mid August... weathered my first hurricane (Isaac) and the resulting roof leaks (more on that when they actually come FIX the roof... sigh)... and learned that working 7 days a week for extended period of time SUCKS. See the externship is UNPAID so I kept the paying job and worked it the 3 days I was not at clinic. OMG... can you say EXHAUSTED? But, I completed my hours last week!! So now I sit and wait (and work) while they get me a spot at their version of Training Camp... it will be a week long stay in New Orleans (at their expense, not mine) and then back to the Clinic I go- as an EMPLOYEE!!!
Here is pic from Hwy 90 (Beach Rd) before it got closed by Hurricane Isaac. Today, I sorted through photos and got them organized... I am making some backgrounds and some cards using them,,, and drinking Ruta Maya coffee that Laureli brought me from Austin Tx.... it is a wonderfully peaceful day in Long Beach... Blessed Be to all.
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