So, started watering front lawn @ 2pm today... left, came back @ 4pm, moved hose to another section of front lawn, left... got back at 7pm with a 75 foot hose to add to the 25' front hose as well as a 75 foot hose AND an oscillating sprinkler to add to the 25' back hose. moved the front one (now that I had some reach!) to the thirstiest part of the yard and left it going while I started the back hose on what I will now call "Section 1" of the back yard. No WONDER I see people watering their lawns every night... bloody hell... the size of the yards it will take watering them nightly in sections. Have now parted front lawn into "Section 1", "Section 2", and "Section 3" and I am fairly certain that their will be at least 2 more sections to go. Judging the reach of the oscillating sprinklers, the back yard will also be about 5 sections. EGADS!!
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