Well, made it to my first casino yesterday. I started off my day by working 6am-12:30pm, then went to the :Our Lady of Fatima" celebration in Biloxi, headed to the wooden boat show, then over to the Palace Casino Resort. I must say, altho it was smoke free (Thank you, PCR) so that I COULD go into it, I am not sure why I would want to again, other than for the food? They do have a hotel but I already live here, so....no, thank you. And they had ads for the spa (must be part of the resort in see in the name). I saw lots of gaming type machines, none which seemed required any sort of actual skill. I saw some dealers at tables with decks of cards and I am well aware that I am NOT a poker player so walked past them. Saw a roulette wheel (also a game of chance, in my book) or two. And I saw a lot of people. The restrooms were incredibly clean, which I greatly appreciate in any place where I might spend time. Now, I am headed off to choir at St Patrick's.... have to practice for next week's big number :-)
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