It's been two years since I first came to visit my (now) home state... and life is still perfect. By perfect I mean I am incredibly happy, in spite of the occasional hurdle placed in my path by Life. My one year anniversary at work came and went, so I got a week of vacation, which I spent in Alabama camping. I have been attending St Pat's for a year, in which I got to know and spend time with Father David, who's last day was yesterday. He, too, moves onward. Sad to see him go but happy to see that he is doing the next right thing for him and his family, that he is continuing the journey of growth he has been called to follow. And, another year spent in school, and now the end of that is almost within sight. After Sunday's bittersweet leave-taking, we went to White Caps for brunch, came home & walked the dog, berry picking in The Pass, the Blessing of the Fleet in PC, fed seagulls loaves of french bread and took a gazillion photos, and a lovely evening spent in quiet reflection (reflection of me in laptop screen going thru those gazillion photos, sigh). Got a new firepit... so excited! Been wanting to replace one left behind last year. This one was a STEAL for only $20. Gotta love roomie-she can find deals in the oddest places! Did the first burn on the new moon.... wanted to manifest healing for the seller of house so she can get healed and sign papers and then moving in will commence. Hate to pack but will be SO worth it... my own home.... with space for ALL my stuff...even all my paper!!
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