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Made a 100 on the Final for HD Tech 1... and my final class grade was a 99.7 (100). Hurray!!!

so, on another site, I posted my input for the day.. thought I would share it here as well since I am trying to carve out more time to post on here... hard to do with full time classes, full time job, part time bookkeeping and oh, yeah.. time to make greeting cards... argh!!

i live for myself, unto myself. I am complete unto myself. I strive for my own affirmation and reassurance and altho i don't NEED to hear it from others, hearing it helps me know that I am, indeed, shining. I am, at times, my own worst critic and my biggest fan. depends on the day. Being secure in myself (in whatever form I show up on any given day) helps me to be genuine in my dealings with others and present in their moment, recognizing when they shine or lending a hand when they don't... we all could use some SHINE in our lives... and love really DOES make the world go 'round.
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