Sleigh bells ring,. are ya listenin'?

So, have just printed off my confirmation reservation info for trip to see folks... am hitching from MS to TX and then renting a car to head west to my eventual destination. Should be there Christmas day. Hurray!! I will be traveling light (as hitchhikers tend to do) with nary but a toothbrush, some flash drives and my laptop...and a change of clothes or two. The laptop is to stay in touch with others... barely. No signal in Parental Unitland, unfortunately. But what I really want it for is to show them all the pics I have been taking of the MS Gulf Coast area. Hence the flash drives :-) Will be seeing a few others in my limited time there, so will be wonderful trip.

Have just started 3rd term at school... here is where the REAL homework starts, it seems. ARGH. Have made Christmas card sets to sell but been so busy with school & work & homework that I haven't really been out & about much to vend :-( Promoted to HBA/GM manager at work which has changed up my schedule somewhat (can't change too much since school takes up 4 days) and so am not available to do the Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings any more. On a personal level, I like the 9-5:30pm hours bc I am home while still daylight... even went on a date last week! Wow. Let me just say, not much of a social life when you school 8-1:30pm then work 2-10pm....sigh

Speaking of work... I have to be there at 1pm today so it is time to start my 1st homework essay (I have 2 total, all due Monday morning).

Season's Greetings to you all !!
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