a day off...

Ever wonder what a "day off" (no school, no work) looks like for me? Callie wakes me up to let her outside at some ungodly DARK hour... NO. Throw her out of bedroom, shut door, go back to bed. Alarm goes off @ 6:30am so I can work on essays before choir practice @ 8am. Hit snooze, ignore essays. Make it to practice almost on time. Church over @ 11am so I head to The Salute Italian Restaurant to hear a friend play piano ( John-Westley Hodges) while I mentally prep for essay writing. Afterwards, pick up free bicycle and, instead of heading home, I detour to this pier I've been eyeballing for last month... take egret, heron & dolphin pics til 3pm. FINALLY write essays to BF will let me watch final Harry Potter movie. But, before starting movie, I start some smothered T-bone steaks in oven and split pea soup on stovetop. Meals for week now prepared & packaged for week, movie ovr, dishes washed. Laundry in dryer and I am heading to bed. Not too bad for a DAY OFF. :-)
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