You probably can NOT see...

... what I am chasing in this photo... and if you can, you probably cannot identify it. However, it is one half of a pair of ospreys who were hunting on the Mississippi Sound near the railroad bridge in Bay St Louis. It was raining, and later on I got a picture of the rainbow that appeared...but the osprey were my intended subjects. They were fishing, and having fairly good luck. However, as my camera has seen better days, I am now taking all my pictures with my phone...and it lacks zoom to any great degree. ARGH.

Yes, I know it has been a month since I last posted.. but in that month I have been BUSY because I went back to school. Yes, almost 23 years after graduating a college, I went back. Nothing much is happening on my current job front and due to inter-store politics I have not gotten the promotion I was promised (nor the money that goes along with it). So I have decided I need more education. After enrolling, work tells me that another position might POSSIBLY be opening but not until Nov 2011. Phooey,,, I am still going to go to school because I know how the last promised opening went... nowhere.

So, 1st class has been completed... final score in it was 98.6. Stay tuned.. will keep posting scores and such but not too very often, it seems, since class time is 8-1:30pm and my work schedule is 1-9:30pm... see the issue there? They are okay with me being late... most days. Means no dinner break if I want to get my hours in, but it all works out in the end.
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