where have I been for 2 weeks?

SICK...sick sick sick... apparently the return to school, when added to my full time job and my financial stress allowed GERMS to land on me... not only LAND but STICK. So I came down with the "common cold" which lasts 7-14 days and there is not really a damn thing you can do about it but ride it out. I rode... cough by cough. On the up-side of it, tho, was my dear friend and her chinese herbal remedies. So the fever was only 2 days long and the coughing caused only a couple of sleepless nights and my lungs are still intact. Even better, I missed NO CLASSES. Still shooting for that perfect attendance, of course. All tests were taken, all homework turned in, grade still an A+. And today I am at school, prepared for my test, and even wearing makeup! I AM ALIVE. LOL. And now... the next test... see ya!
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