Do you hear me, I'm talking to you across the water across the deep blue ocean...under the open sky... I'm lucky ....

Yes, I am VERY lucky... my life is filled with wonderous friends and an abundance of smiles. Jupiter will go retrograde in a couple of weeks (8/25) and stay that way for 27 days.... days of change for those (like me) in which Jupiter figures prominently in their natal chart. And I am ready for it! Looking back over the last few years and I can see that 2008 started a new chapter for me and it seems (in retrospect) that I spent 2010 sloughing off some of my learning experienced prior to 2008. Now, on the cusp of this planetary pause, I am fresh and ready to face the next segment of this journey called life.

Part of that change is going back to school so I can do something new, something different, something to help others and make a living while doing so. Part of that change is slowing down (like Jupiter) and pausing to look back, assess and plan, then move forward to implement change. Things at work are changing as well... new possibilities, new things that I may (or may not) choose to take part in. I shall see where the tide takes me.

I am Lucky... Lucky to have been where I have been... and to see what I have seen.... and now to look out across the ocean and change with the tides of life.

bring it on!
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