Awesome Sunday.. wow.. I can kinda see how this "relaxing" thing could be addictive. Went with some friends to hike along Wolf River for driftwood, rocks, etc. Awesome scenery and great trip was marred only slightly by my (ancient sony) digicam dying near the end of the trip. So have to save up for a new one.. not sure howlong I can live without a camera... have had one since.. umm.. 1978? 1979? And I still have my original one, a Canon F1 (film).
From Wolf River, I came home, had some fresh potato salad (thanks to Babe's vegetables!) and then met some new folks @ the beach and spent 4 hours or so just hanging out & socializing while the moon rose over the beach. Here is that pic (thanks to my cell phone)... have a blessed week.
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