It's time to try...

Wow, already the first of September. Amazing how time flew when everything was up in the air (the entire month of August is a blur!). Life SHOULD be settling down any day now and I can get back to the routine of life, work, blog, making some cards, walking daily, etc. For those of you not yet aware... on July 29th I started rehoming most of the rescued critters. Buoy went to SA. Daimon & Agathos went to co-workers. All 3 fish went to neighbor. All 6 lizards went to Lackland AFB/ISD. Then Rebel moved to his own place (with my grandpuppy, not sure which I miss more but it may be the dog.. LOL) and I moved to Austin with Abigale & Callie. Adjustments are being required, but that is life, really-letting go of the past in order to move into the present and be ready for whatever the future holds. And I feel pretty good about this process. Could've been a bit easier on everyone involved but that was not to be. I can't control of how others behave/think/act... all I CAN do is be aware that life's lessons are learned differently by each person. So maybe this had to be harder on other's in order for them to learn? I don't know. But I have come away from my whole experience wiser and ready to move on to the next lesson.
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