The Best is yet to come...

So.. for those not reading Facebook.. Dad's appendix burst (unknown to him) on August 30th. He felt pretty crappy but did not land in the ER in San Antonio until Labor Day (9/6). Docs stabilized him and scheduled surgery for next day but ended up doing emergency surgery.. to find? Sepsis (aka septicemia or blood poisoning). Because of the time lapse between rupture & ER, there were multiple complications, including blood pressure dropping, shock, major organs and systems quit working (kidneys, liver, lungs, and central nervous system). After 10 days in ICU being treated with IV fluids & antibitotics and vasopressor medication (because IVs were insufficient to maintain blood pressure) as well as a ventilator and all sorts of fluids, Dad was moved yesterday to a room on 5th floor of St Luke's!!

So the song fits Dad's situation as well as my life.. it is a beautifully sunny day here in Central Texas and I have an entire life to live in front of me, glorious day by brilliant day.. Let's get started!
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