too much stuff to do...

So, here is a birthday card I made for Rebel to hand to someone else. Very easy, simple, and not too over the top... that was the request. Seems it was for an ex... sigh. Brayered the right side background piece to match the scrap I used on the left side. Gold leafed rice paper for the sentiment and corner pieces.. that's it.

As for the vacation trip to Mississippi? Absolutely freakin' wonderful, even tho only managed ONE moonlit walk on the beach. There really was a LOT of other stuff to do there. Altho, it must have been the right night for that beachfront walk because I was gifted with a fresh arrival on the sand.. a large, completely intact horseshoe crab! Bless my cohort in crime, who was not at all freaked by driving 12 hours back to Texas with dead shellfish.
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