I can't live...

... if living is without you... :-) oh the things I wake up with on Wednesdays. Speaking of waking up.. it is a BEAUTIFUL day in Central Texas. How do I know this when I have not even been outside? Becuase I woke up without a migraine. Priorities, you know.

This card was a lot of fun... DSP on black cardbase, embossed solid yellow piece and sued ribbon & punches & a sticker.
And, just like someone I know... it is "So Sweet" .

And, made 2 more cards & a deco for Raquel last night. Tonight is sorting financial records for Austin RCG and then Thursday is back to making cards. I am enjoying the card making, in spite of the stress of having to "produce". I just need to continue the ongoing struggle to keep my life (and calendar) from filling up with things that-while enjoyable-are taking up chunks of my time that I want to devote to other things. Priorities.. I know. And lately I have two that I actually WANT to make time for.

Stay tuned.
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