TGIF!!! and time on my hands...

Good morning to you all!! And THANK GODDESS IT'S FRIDAY!!!! All that I have pending on today's schedule is 1) entering all tickets to date, 2) posting my deposit, 3) prosecution of (now ex) client for giving me a 2nd hot check (shame, shame) and then #4) off early (2pm) so I can go home and ATTEMPT to oad all of my stuff for my 1st ever workshop. Due to rain (sigh) I am hoping to get it all into my Ford Escape. Key word? HOPE. If Spirit were not at work, this would not be a concern. L5 could do it as well... I have seen that particular individual pack the bed of an F150 so well that it was like a Japanes jigsaw puzzle. I had to study it a bit before I could find the KEY piece that would allow me to unpack said truck. That is a talent, I tell ya!! Sheesh :-) But no, it will be me... and a mountain of art supplies. And y'all know I am good at slinging glue but packing things neatly AND compactly? Not my strong suit. And, as the piucture shows... I am being watched by Diana... Dionysis is still hiding in his cave, it being winter and all. She does not seem to fazed by the weather changes right now.
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