new beginnings...

this morning's song lyric was "every new beginning comes form some other beginning's end." Third Eye Blind? So, today is the Winter Solstice, which I celebrate. Yule, as it is also known. And it is today. The Return of the Light. Yesterday was the longest night/shortest day. Today, the days now get longer, hence 'returning light'. And with that return, there are some other things I would like to return to my daily routine. Journaling, blogging, exercise & penpals. I have not been very regular about ANY of those 4 lately... certainly not since the Summer Solstice. Seems that, as the light began to wane, so did I. NO MORE!

This is a really bad pic of a very nice card. Simple yet elegeant. Shaving cream background (will be teaching that during my Feb 6-7th corkshop) with heartfelt sentiment on an embossed card base.
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