I Witness

Across the desert of the burning dark, a darkness which illuminates you, there's a place you've always wanted to be Whose Pleasures Always Did Escape You It's Always Been So Out Of Reach, Nothing, So Near Never Felt So Far…And Now It's Here Within Your Grasp, A Never Ending Burning Says It All. As You Drive Into The Darkness, In Front The Future Behind You History Caught Alone In The Dark Night, Do You Think That's The Way It's Supposed To Be. You Don't Believe Your Eyes, Cos All They See Is Lies, Oh Yeah.

So, that was what I woke up with on this, the morning after the Longest Night. Was out way too late... and to think I want to do Vigil one of these Winter Solstices. Not and go to work, I can tell you that. And yet work is where I am now headed.. yawn.
Do you remember the Dunkin Donut guy? In the commercial, he heads off to work in his pajamas & little head muttering "time to make the donuts"... well, that is me today. Took a few women to ritual last night... a total of 20 attended. By the time we left, got everyone to their own home, it was pushing midnight. Yawn.

Both of these cards are from more of my shaving cream paper. Even the same series of stamps, just worked around the backgrounds. Truthfully, the hardest part is getting a perfect square of paper to fit inside the embossed frame :-)

Now off to start the multiple breakfasts, including making some for the people that live in this, our zoo. While I am doing that, head on over to HighLowAha & see what's going on!

Blessings to all on this fine morning!!

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