8 days and 3 hours later...

so... I last posted eight days ago... and to explain (sorta) why, lemme just say that it took me 2 hours and 55 minutes tonight just to get down to the cover that lays over my art table (to keep cat hair at bay). Did I DO any art? Not unless you count "artfully" managing to squeeze my latest acquisitions into the already crowded drawers not meant to contain all the stuff I have in them. Went to the HUGE Joann's Fabric & CRAFT store in North Austin last Saturday. What a day to decide to lose my virginity to the experience. EVERYTHING (at least on the Craft side) was ON SALE. And for those of you who know me, you know I refuse to purchase ANYTHING at retail price. If I can't find it on sale or with a coupon for at least 40% off, I do not need it. I will find something else to do what I am needing done. Clearance is my middle name. Anyways... lots of good finds.. and I do mean good. Even Sizzix was on sale... got one of those & one on clearance!
So tonight was spent putting it away. First I packed my supplies for this weekend's workshop at PineCrone with Janee Ward. Then I put away everything from the last 2 months. Articles. Notes for my February workshop. Product reviews. Sales receipts for tax filing in April. Pen pal letters & greeting card exchanges. Stuff I got back in October from Terry Foley (my Stampin' Up dealer). My supply order from Clearbags.com . Wrapped the White Elephant gifts for tomorrow night's Yule Party @# Cheko's. Whew...are you tired yet? I know I am. So, I plan to start posting cards & things again soon. REALLY.....I promise. Now that Spirit has returned to work & things around the house are returning to normal, I am hoping some time will free up around here. I miss my paper.. and it misses me!
.....and to all a good night
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