Spent last night at hospital with Spirit and ate dinner... TRIED to watch TV...what a waste. So we chatted for a bit & then slept. Left this morning to go feed the zoo only to find that Tara was expressing her loneliness by shredding Bud's chair cushion. Smart girl... chewed his instead of hers. Sigh. And how do I know it was Spirit's dog and not mine that misbehaved? Because, before the arrival of Tara, furniture was SAFE. So, cleaned up the mess, bed by 6:30am, alarm @ 10:30am told me it was time to feed/scoop/water/walk/etc all of the zoo inhabitants & head back.

Arrived this afternoon (after pit stop @ HEB for dark chocolate and Q-Tips) to find an unencumbered person in Spirit's bed. No, wait..that IS Spirit!! Almost didn't recognize as there are no machines beeping, no fluids dripping and nothing else otherwise attached. That's right... FREE! I heard a rumor that Spirit even got in a lap around the Nurse's Station but have not yet confirmed such. If so... would have been worth the picture... alligator Tshirt and canary socks and a silver walker with red accents.

Spent QUITE some time soaking in the hot shower, this time without soaking the floor. So, with better spiritis, teeth brushed, nerves soothed and body clean she awaited the arrival of the morning PT guru. Physical therapist came by with list of simple exercises to work on. Shortly after that, Dr Stansberry came by. He is the one to thank for being free of tubes & wires :-).

Speaking of thankful... Spirit sends out heartfelt THANKS! to all those that have stopped by, called and/or sent cards, flowers, etc. The cards are brightening up the otherwise useless television. The Jammies are the talk of the floor. Flowers are the envy of Nurse Val (remember her from earlier? SIGH) and they go with the wall colour. She is still gnawing on the (IMHO nasty) black licorice. And has enough mint patties & organic dark chocolate to make Cupid think it is February 14th. And when not working puzzles, is working on getting the leftover tape reside removed from skin. Ouch.

Still not clear of when home will be within reach. And this vacation, while lengthy, is some cause for concern about the upcoming mortgage payment. So, feeling MUCH better and wanting to come home but still stuck in Room 347. Stay tuned....
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