one week later...

Well, Spirit has been home for an entire week... no real misadventures, in spite of the (apparently irresistable?) urge to vacuum. insurance companies are still dragging feet on starting disability. SIGH. But, physically, things are getting brighter. Walking... not as upright as wanted by docs (and me) but improving. Pain is pain as there is not much to do about nerve pain. Would lessen if Spirit would sit/stand/walk as suggested ... that is a struggle. Walks & sits & stands AWAY from the pain instead of in alignment. While I UNDERSTAND standing properly is painful, NOT standing properly will cause more pain in the long run & also probable surgery. Not my choice. All I can do is poke & prod and push. As a matter of fact, so can you! Don't feel badly...tell Spirit to stand up straight, to sit right, to use the walker poperly. I wont mind in the least if you correct any errors when you next see the Rockin' Red walker headed across the way to you. PLEASE!!

On another positive note, our Bastrop Buddy has moved in... that house sold & new house contract has not yet completed. So the 2 of them will be home... and you think I am hard... HA! :-)
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