no sleep but...

...we need to get up for trip to doc anyways. Actually, I did get some sleep, off & on. Spirit had a monster calf cramp that made sleep sketchy at best. At 8am we head off to N Austin for 9:45am appointment with Dr Volpe at ADC hospital. Yesterday's reiki seemed to help ... some color, a bit of voice not squashed by pain and some rest, albeit it not as restorative as a good sleep but at least not thrashing and crying all night long.

Dogs are fed & have been out to they await our departure so they can be tossed outside. Last time we left them in (our Sun trip to ER) they were less than kind to a couch pillow.
Next, feed the fish, change guinea litter & drop in a fresh bottle of water, scoop the cats' litter, feed the inhabitants of the reptile room & then drag Spirit (screaming, sigh) from bed & head off.

More on our return....
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