met some really nice ppl @ 3am

UPDATE: After a couple of shots of dilaudid & a couple shots of norflex they deemed Spirit able to come home. Left the ER and arrived home around 6:30am this morning to find the dogs had shredded Bud's pillow ALL over the hemp rug. Was easier cleanup than the time they shredded a box of Kleenex tho. Richard was the RN and he is a very nice man. Did a great job making sure Spirit was comfy & warm. Which is more than her regular doc did on Friday. The reason we went to see the REGULAR doc was because when we called the BACK doc, they told us they could not see her until her regular doc had. Referrals or some such crap. Of course, when we get to the regular doc, she tells Spirit to get appt w/the BACK doc & have an MRI done ASAP. They gave her a shot to take the edge off the pain (from a 10 to about a 5) and an Rx for 800mg ibuprofen. And, by the time we were done there , we could not get in to back doc. And by Saturday night, the pain had radiated from right leg over into left as well. So we ended up in the ER. A friend is coming over to make the drug run for me, which is great. Spirit slept about 3 hours, pain level is down from the 21 given at the ER to about a 5. That is before she moves around any. Wait & see.....
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