Dr Stoval, I presume?

Yes..he has appeared! Turns out his assistant had family emergency so he was doing that job plus his and so did not make it by Spirit's hospital room until almost 9pm. Wants 2 more tests done, epidural in the spine as well & THEN we will discuss diagnosis/prognosis & recovery options. However, as I have been off work for 3 days & the mortgage is due is 2 weeks, I go back to work tomorrow. Some friends will be taking turns sitting with Spirit & getting to know and love the hospital staff like we do. Lauren, if you are reading this, you are a doll! So is the brunette that keeps fishing me out of the wrong corridor & getting me back to room 437. Sorry I don't know your name but I am a bit dazed by the immensity of St. David's North Austin Medical Center. The food there rocks. You order it like room service & it is actually TASTY. can you believe it? So, if you want to call Spirit and wish speedy recovery, patience, or whatever, feel free... 512-901-5347 is direct line to room. Not before 7am, please... even sick ppl need rest. To visit in person, there are no set hours, just be respectful of other patients. Located just before the Parmer Lane exit of MoPac North and just east of Loop 1. Take the Burnet/Duval exit off of Mopac or the Parmer Lane exit off of I35. East wing, 3rd floor (next to the Women's Center).
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