wow, not even 10am yet!

Okay, I have not done these today, but I have done a LOT of stuff.... all critters have been fed/watered. Back yard trees have been watered. Dishes done. Coffee drank. Posted for the Saturday Strengths on HighLowAha. Email checked. 17th annual Festival addresses formatted for mailout. Tomorrow's book for group discussion has been read & highlighted at topic spots. My art group databases have been updated. Now "all" that is left is making some decos for my art groups and some greeting cards for my rack @ Bastrop Producer's Market!

This picture is of a technique called "One Sheet Wonder" where you decorate an 8.5x11" sheet of paper & then use it to make as many cards as possible using those pecies to tie them all together. I think the most I have ever gotten out of a single OSW is 11 cards. :-o
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