love & affection

So I am up during the night... sigh... petting Tara, who is worried about all the thunder. And the song that comes to me in the wee hours? "I can't live without your love & affection"... LOL She is so sweet. Scratched her ears for a bit & told her to relax. She finally laid down & I left my hand on her until she sighed deeply and went back to sleep. Not a fan of thunder it seems. A (very) short time later it seems the alarm comes in (that would be Bud) and lays his head on my pillow (yes, he's that big). Then Abigale gets up on the other side of my pillow, Callie does her teenaged "run & jump" and lands in the middle of the bed...the day has begun.

So, off to the showers & onward towards Bandera!

This card was made of a friend's daughter's prom this year. Make your cardbase...this is 5x7. Cut a black piece of paper a tad smaller than card base. Cut a prom dress and purse ONCE out of black paper. Glue dress and purse to background paper. Now
decorate as desired (shoe punch, flower stickers with glitter glue, glitter glue for sash, Sharpie for purse handle, GellyRoll pen for "head" etc) and allow to dry if needed. On cutting mat, cut around JUST the sides & bottom and purse & skirt. Turn over DSP that (now) has dress & purse on it (cut on 3 edges). Place foam tape along bottom edge of skirt & purse, making sure it is not too close to the bottom don't want it visible later. Now, flip over & mount on card base over your black square. The foam tape will cause dress & purse to be 3D. I added coordinating ribbon with pearls to the fold side & rounded outer corners. DONE!
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