HLA Triathlon report

Triathlon, Day One: Mmmosaics

Using one medium bag of Milk Chocolate M & Ms (12.60 oz), create a mosaic. That's it. Simple, creative, and yummy.

So I did a topographical map of Texas with DARK CHOCOLATE M&Ms... that way I will eat them later!

Triathlon Day 2: Virology Help Ray Wattson spread his word "Shine" far and wide by

coming up with 100 ideas. That's the teaching tactic faculty members in UNT's College of Visual Arts insist is essential to pushing past the mundane and eventually discovering the one winning idea. The idea that...

Shines. Eeach triathlete will flex his/her creative mind by developing a list of 100 ideas about how Ray Wattson's message of "Shine" can go viral. My list of 100::

  1. “I Want You…” sign reminiscent of Uncle Sam, only with Ray… bottom line would say “To SHINE”
  2. You Tube channel with Ray giving his snarky pep talks on why we should SHINE
  3. Ray Wattson cards (business card size) left in random spots with HLA web addy
  4. Road signs “Tune In, Turn On, Shine @ HLA” with web addy
  5. Celebrate the Wacky World Holidays with Ray… for example, August 17 is Number 2 pencil day so leave a note with Ray about that fact attached to #2 pencil
  6. Set aside November 18 to celebrate Micky Mouse’s birthday Ray-Style
  7. Send Ray to new “heights” by placing him on kites and spending a windy day at the beach or in the park. Hold contests for kites or give them away to people that SHINE
  8. Hula-Ray dolls
  9. New crayon color “Ray Wattson” described as “yellow with a hint of shine”
  10. Rearrange keyboard letters so qwertyuiop becomes gorayshine!
  11. Make calendars featuring “Wacky World Holidays” and change Monday to Mon-Ray, Tuesday to TuesRay, Wednesday to WedsRay, etc.
  12. Mention new Greek God has been discovered: “Shineus” (Ray in toga garb)
  13. Lightbulb shaped cheese crackers with SHINE on them
  14. Give him a spot on the Walk of Fame but use lightbulb instead of star.
  15. Instead of stars for ratings (5 Star hotel, etc) give bulbs
  16. Need advice from Ra y? Text your dilemma to SHINE (74463)
  17. Give Ray his own constellation
  18. Traffic lights updated to RED (red) SHINE (yellow) GO (green)
  19. RayWattson pencil toppers
  20. Ray Wattson antennae toppers
  21. Ray Costume for Halloween
  22. Have Ray blog about his adventures with his friends, his trips, etc
  23. Green Shamrocks with Ray on them saying “Kiss me, I’m shining”
  24. Bumper stickers “SH(Ray)NE for President”
  25. Local libraries have reading time for young children… have Ray go and read an inspiring book about someone that shines in their own way
  26. Have Ray write a column for the local newspaper
  27. Back to school with Ray-pencil boxes with Ray and the message to SHINE
  28. Have publicity photos of Ray along with people that he finds shining
  29. Project a message on the sidewalk in front of your building using a light directed through the word SHINE written on a glass window
  30. Window clings of the SH(ray)NE graphic with www/highlowaha.com on them
  31. Bumper stickers saying “Wanna know how I SHINE?” www.highlowaha.com
  32. Christmas tree ornaments (yellow lightbulb that says SHINE w/Ray on it)
  33. Hand out buttons with “Join the Rayvolution at www/highlowaha.com” on them
  34. Give a speech at a high sch ool on how to SHINE. Teens are very influential
  35. Sponsor an "Adopt-a-Road" area to keep roads litter-free. People who pass by the area will see SH(ray)NE on the sign.
  36. Light switch covers (I have actually done this, want to send it to Cheryl shhhh)
  37. Set up a table with Ray at local grocery store and promote ways to SHINE, hand out lightbulb shaped brochures, etc about HLA with web addy on it
  38. Sponsor a local sports team and have “Ray” & “SHINE” on the jerseys
  39. Take out an ad in the local paper on “Run of paper” basis (they have blank space & need it filled, will run local stuff for free)
  40. Same as 39 but on the local radio station (“run of station”)
  41. Create business card with graphic, Ray, “Fall in love with a new idea” and make it very professional looking to catch attention, then enclose with your everyday bill payments (Cable, phone, doctor, etc)
  42. Place biz cards under wipers of cars @ Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Joann’s, etc
  43. Design drink coasters for a local bar with their name and Ray holding a draft
  44. Have artistic mural painted somewhere with Ray & Shine
  45. Design, print & hang posters on local construction sites for passersby
  46. Advertise in local magazines, co-ops, health food stores, etc
  47. Leave fliers inserted in best-selling books @ your local bookstores
  48. SH(ray)NE cookie re cipe & cutter sold at local bakeries (% of sales to them)
  49. Gig-A-Ray (Gigapet concept only trying to keep Ray from getting cRAYnky)
  50. Pet Ray (Pet rock concept only with a light bulb)
  51. Ray style clackers (remember those from the 70’s? pair balls on a string?)
  52. Ray in a lava lamp
  53. Mood Rings with Ray in center & it is always Yellow, reminding us to SHINE
  54. “Ray on Board” signs for car windows
  55. Ray Beanie babies
  56. Add new year to Chinese zodiac calendar “Year of the Ray-SHINE”
  57. have Ray be the guest judge on American Idol and he can tell each contestant how they, too, can SHINE
  58. Create a rubberstamp line of Ray with the word block SHINE to match
  59. Hand out yellow lollipops at the doc’s office wrapped in SHINE paper
  60. Design an iPhone Application for Ray
  61. Make a memory type board game matching each Ray to his title (ie: book ray to title Hemingray)
  62. postit notes in the lightbulb shape that say SHINE HERE (instead of Sign here)
  63. Raybik’s Cube … enough said LOL
  64. Ray’s image & logo on litter bags for your car
  65. SH(ray)NE key chains w/web site addy
  66. SH(ray)NE refrigerator magnets w/website addy
  67. SH(ray)NE golfballs w/website addy (sigh, golf is big here)
  68. SH(ray)NE Pop-tarts with SHINE incentives/ideas on the box
  69. SH(ray)NE cereal (without added sugar) to get kids days off to a bright start
  70. SH(ray)NE window cleaner, complete w/warning to birds
  71. Rayopoly game where you help neighbors instead of buying up the neighborhood
  72. SHINE boot polish, safe for ANY colour boots
  73. Inner tubes shaped like Ray with purple boots painted on
  74. Join the RAYne or SHINE Birthday Club and get Ray item on your birthday
  75. “BobRay Bag” punching bag
  76. Waving inflatable Ray holding sign saying SHINE
  77. Ray doll for Barbie… Ken is so LAME!
  78. Collectible bottle tops to trade with your friends
  79. Ray on backs of a deck of cards
  80. CelebRAYty Impersonator… have him standing over air street vent with hands on knees ala Marilyn Monroe pose
  81. New mystery series “Wattson, Ray Wattson” with his sidekick Sherlock Holmes
  82. Mailboxes (or decals to go on mailbox) with SH(ray)NE on them
  83. Ray Doorknocker that lands on plate saying SHINE instead of a doorbell
  84. Tiny Yellow Tshirts for Chihuahuas with SH (ray)NE on them
  85. Baby onesies with SH (ray)NE on them
  86. M&Ms that are ONLY yellow & say SHINE instead of M&M
  87. Partner up with Harley and produce the 2010 Harley RAYvidson Sportster, all yellow and shiny with Ray’s picture on the tank & fenders
  88. Windchimes appropriately designed
  89. Windsocks appropriately designed
  90. Mousepads appropriately designed
  91. Game Show with Ray as the host “The Price of Ray” and have contestants raise money for worthy projects around the world (ar at least the viewing area)
  92. “Ray in a Can” body spray (and perfume line) that smells of bright shiny lemons
  93. SHINE TIME make Ray just after the 2pm mark (2:18) on a clock and have it chime SHINE at 2:18 AM and PM every day
  94. “Under Ray” line of form-fitting, moisture-wicking performance apparel designed to be worn under sportswear. Ray is THE Athletic Brand for the SHINE Generation. Comes in YELLOW only J
  95. Ray as the next spokesman for energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs reminding us to shine without negatively impacting the environment
  96. “Bulbs Gone Wild” video series that chronicles Ray’s adventures on Spring Break
  97. BandRays for boo-boos that just need a little SHINE on them, and a kiss or 2
  98. “Be all that you can be in the RAYmy”…. Pair Ray up with the US Army.
  99. SHINE ME ON shoe shine in yellow can with brush shaped like lightbulb
  100. HoliRAY lights for that holiday feeling all year round (stings of yellow lightbulbs with purple bases)
Only to find out that we are judged ONLY on the 100th idea!

Triathlon Day 3: A Picture is Worth $100

so, for those of you that know me a little... I TRY a lot of things... crochet was one of them. Takes too darn long! However, I did find this little tidbit useful in the 3rd leg of the triathlon. Good thing reptiles are cold 1st thing in the morning!
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