When I look into your eyes

So, already this morning I Have learned that it is very hard to type one-handed. Abigale is very adamant that I pet HER, nto the keyboard. Sigh... welcome to my world. Abigale on the keyboard, Bud on my feet, Callie @ front door howling to be let out. Tara pacing from computer to kitchen (she hates to miss anything).

The fish need to be fed, the cats let out (2 of the 3) and then get started on our breakfast & lunches whilst Spirit feeds the rest of the zoo. And I do mean Z O O :-)

This card is a DSP background that I stenciled the wings with nail polish instead of ink. The body/antennae is pearlX. The sentiment is black in & EP.

Alright, no rest for the weary... off I go to feed a species or 2.
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