great day w/HLA!

well, I don't know how YOU spent the 4th of July... we spent it watering the lawn! And organizing "The Library". Pictures to follow. But today-- today is the most important part of this holiday! We got to meet up with Claudia, Cheryl & Katie from HighLowAha!! Met for lunch at Guero's then headed on over to (news to me) is an Austin icon... Mr. Cupcake. Imagine an Airsteam with a huge cupcake mounted on top dispensing hand size balls of delicious sticky heaven and you'll be close.

Then, we scooted up to N Austin (and boy do I mean NORTH!!) and picked up a GENEROUS donation to the Austin RCG lending library. This is something that we've been trying to get up & running for a while now & it is finally coming together. Ellen kindly doanted several bookcases as well as books, as has Pammyla. Books have been coming in from all over and- with DQ's donation- we will have a right proper library by the end of this month!!

You see, we had ot get ours up & ready first...the dangling carrot, so to speak. We started out well-intentioned but, as we got busy, we got behind. You know how that goes, I am sure. SOOO! Yesterday we sorted & labelled & catalogued EVERY SINGLE BOOK in our personal library. That means just over 600 books, by the way. Now you see why it took a day to do. whew!
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