Gonna take some time to do the things we never had.

Well, woke up singing Toto, which is funny because, last night as the winds were picking up, I remarked to Spirit "We are still in Kansas, Dorothy." At night the breeze picks up, makes it very lovely while we walk the dogs. And you can hear the coyotes yipping from not too far away. We've got one bucket of water (25 gallon) out for them...the bathtub project is still under way. Damn thing is heavy!! But it is now out by the mesquite tree group. Now to clean the weeds (that I threw in it) out of it & put in a stopper so we can fill with water for the creatures in need of some.

This card is one I made from scraps (pink part) after making another card with pink circles. I put the scrap piece onto green cardbase & then stamped inside 2 of the circles, stickered inside the other 2 then stamped sentiment on the front of it all. Easy!

Off I go to earn kibble... if I can get the mastiff off my foot!
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