an evening in the life of... me!

alrighty... a wasted trip to pick up an Rx that called & said it was ready (it was not) so got home 15 minutes later than normal... and on Tuesday of all nights! For those of you local, you know Tuesday is BATH NIGHT!! So, and hour later I have 3 dragons bathed; all 6 lizards have had dishes picked up & habitats tidied. Last one in the tub is Indra, my swimmer. So he gets to stay in longer :-) to play. He has MBD (metabolic bone disease) so he does not support his own weight easily... but in the water he is KING! Mark Spitz may have been his daddy, who knows. This is him after his bathtime...

also, on the greeting card side of things, I have taken pictures of last night's 3 cards "By the Sea", "Art Washes Away" and "Dream" so will work those into the alphabetic posts as soon as I get them off the camera and into the computer.
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