off we go to bring Tara home!!

tonight we travel to Bandera Texas, Cowboy Capital of the World (I kid you not) to go adopt a lovely friend for our grandpuppy!! We are so excited. She was 'tutored' this week and will be ready to come to her new home tomorrow.
Tara was found as a stray. She appears about 2 years old and weighs in at a healthy 60 lbs. She is very sweet girl and loves to wag her butt for attention like boxers do. She is a Boxer-pit mix, which should go well with our mastiff-pit mix.

Sad Part now... CCPAL has lost their grant and will be closing the end of this year, allowing a "Kill Shelter" (how do those two words even GO together?!?) to take over the space. At last count there were still 46 cats & a dozen or so dogs needing homes... Please help if you can! Adopt, Foster, donate to your local shelter...something!! Otherwise, these & many more around the state will face the needle....
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