where have I been?

well... I was TRYING to blog a bit more often than every Friday...sigh... so what is my excure? Well, I am working on some other websites... and with that said, shameless plug for this one and it's sister site and I am still trying to keep the Yahoo eGroup sites up & current (art, book group, RCG, WTI, etc) and since I USUALLY do my web work during lunch at work, I am in arrears. This week has been busy (cold fronts tend to cause that desired effect) so I have been actually working through lunch... SIGH...WHINE... oh well... will keep on keeping on...

Now, TURKEY DAY!! Rebel will be with friends, so I will be skating on the whole ordeal by doing the same... sharing it the joy with friends, and NOT AT OUR HOME!! Hurrah... sorta like a mini vacation. No Cleaning, no preperation, no cooking, no fluffing the pillows, etc... SWEET!! The only thing I will be missing will be my Grandpuppy :-( (whom I left indoors this morning, poor baby.. too cold and windy this morning!).

More later.. for now... work... (beats being unemployed or downsized!)
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