Off & Running

Well, Spirit is off to leather class and I am holding down the zoo, waiting on the phone guy. Seems we can sometimes receive calls but can't make any out. Sigh. And since I am the contact # for the annual Festival of the Goddess, that just wont work!

So, not quite 11am yet on this already toasty Saturday and I have gotten a lot done. Just not anything yet on my to-do list. Except for the corn casserole for tonight's Lammas celebration. I did, however, get Spirit's craisin oatmeal cookies done, the shred changed out for the rats & cavey, the lizards all fed, the snakes water bowls topped off & the feeders fed. Oh, and topped off the bird bath. And watered all of the front lawn.

So now it is time to start on my list.... complete the sets of greeting cards, make cardboard containers for each, make some more Willendorf magnets, wait for the carpenter to show up to see about getting another reptile habitat built, wait for TWC to come fix my phoneline and wait for Peace to show up for scrapbooking... wait wait wait...think I'll go get started on my cards!
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